“Hawaii Wedding like a deep breath”
Winds in Hawaii, swaying palm trees, and the sunlight and waterfall
You can only feel all of those here at Waikiki Leia.

“Colonial Garden Place”
At the bottom of Diamond Head, away from the busy Waikiki area
You get to feel a quiet and peaceful atmosphere on Monsarrat Avenue

Using natural material, keeping tradition
Yet creating a unique and luxurious space

Sunlight, natural green, and powerful trees
“Chapel of the sun” supported by natural energy
You will be greeted by trees, a symbol of happiness, in the spacious garden

“Volcano” inspired by the falls from Diamond Head
Sacred water, cherished by local folks, from majestic Diamond Head

Luxurious interior with photogenic pieces
High ceiling gives you open air, wide windows that welcome sunlight
This comfortably laid out mansion also comes with banquet rooms, a wedding chapel, and bride’s rooms

Wedding Ceremony

Eua au,eia ‘oe
I am here for you

Two lights came down from the sky
Side by side
Walking hand in hand from the divine place
Toward the brighter light

Weddings at a white-based classic chapel
Solemn, soft, and yet powerful
May you experience a mind-purifying ceremony at a sacred place featured with various colored lights and natural energy

Palm trees cast shadows in the spacious garden
At a corner, a small waterfall “volcano” and welcoming “symbol tree”
Garden weddings with vows of eternal love are natural, spiritual ceremonies

After your ceremony at this sacred place, you will be showered with sunlight and garden flowers, while spending time in the tree-filled garden. You will enjoy a flower shower and a champagne toast with loved ones

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Wedding Party

Me ka mahalo
With thanks

You invite guests to the Garden Villa at the foot of Diamond Head
Sharing the ever-changing color of the heavenly sky and island blessings with your guests

Creating the story you always dreamed of
At your reception at Waikiki Leia, you give a heartfelt “Mahalo” to all your loved ones.

Garden reception
Feeling the comfortable winds
Feeling the swaying palm trees and the splashing waterfall,
Like a Garden Party from a scene of your favorite movie,
Blessed in Hawaii

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Restaurant/Private Party

“Indulge in the nature of Hawaii”
Dishes are prepared with fresh organic ingredients
Fruits and flower decorations are also displayed
We only use local ingredients in our “Island-style Fusion French cuisine” to bring you smiles
Your choices can be arranged to your liking and you will be treated with hospitality

For more information and to reserve your table, please visit our Instagram page.

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Contact us for any inquiries or to reserve your table for the restaurant at (808)735-5500 from 9:00 AM to 8:30 PM. Contact form is also available on the Contact Page for your convenience.

Looking forward to serving you soon.

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